Data Maturity Model (Enterprise Data Warehouse)

Data Maturity Model is a way to classify how bad or well is your company doing in all the data related fields.  Basically, the topic is so big, which includes the security, the data governance, etc… Today I want to expose only the Levels around the Enterprise Data Warehouse and see how your analytics is doing:


DMM1 (circa 1990-2000)

  • * No standards
  • * Reactive approach
  • * No master data plan
  • * No strategy
  • * Redoing isolated excels for each report


DMM2 (circa 2000-2005)

  • * Standards established
  • * People try to copy all operational Data together in a centralize DB and call it Data Warehouse (no modelling
  • * Waterfall approach
  • * No data Governance


DMM3 (circa 2005-2010)

  • * Data Specialist are hired and start doing some nominal Data Governance
  • * Some kind of MDM (third party tool) is used inefficiently
  • * Agile lite or selective
  • * First form of DW or marts creating Star Schemas and some Slowly Changing Dimensions. Rigid and not very scalable, having a big cost on maintenance and very slow process


DMM4 (circa 2010-now)

  • * Hadoop in Development
  • * Some analytic stores
  • * MDM managing all companies meta data, using a third party tool well accommodated to the specific business or creating a custom one
  • * Data layers put in place
  • * DW with data quality and reducing the maintenance cost. Dimensional Modelling or other techniques created by experts
  • * Chief Data Officer
  • * All Agile
  • * ETL Automation


DMM5 (now – future)

  • * Hadoop in production
  • * Scalable and easy to maintain Enterprise Data Warehouse that will provide marts to different Departments or subjects
  • * Columnar stores
  • * NoSQL
  • * Data Virtualization. Ability to recreate your virtual data marts avoiding the whole lifecycle of each mart (schema_on_read)
  • * MDM managing all companies governance data by subject. Providing insights and user friendly
  • * Chief Information Architect
  • * Data as asset in financial statements


So, how do I get into DMM4 or DMM5? for that I would recommend to read these two articles:

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