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Albert Garcia BI Consultant

DWH Business Intelligence Consultant

Albert Garcia – Senior Business Intelligence Consultant/ Data Architect

I have more than 17 years’ experience working in IT consultancy as Developer and Consultant in different platforms and technologies. In the lasts 10 years I specialized in BI technologies . Additionally, I completed my Master’s degree in Business Intelligence at the University of Barcelona in 2012. Also I am holder of two Microsoft certifications (in 2010 which I upgrade them in 2015).

Since August 2015, I am working in Rakuten, leading an ambitious project that aims to create Big Data as a Service Platform, offering a unique centralize Enterprise Data Warehouse for all Rakuten business and divide big data into layers to easy access and governance. I am responsible for the EDW creation, history stage and many ETL automation process that we are currently implementing, using Python, MySQL, Informatica PowerCenter, Hadoop and Teradata. In Rakuten we are using different technologies such as Hive, Tez, Spark, Airflow, Git, etc.

I was MVP of Integration Services (ETL) in Avanade, where I also worked with Reporting Services and Analysis Services (2005/08/12) for more than 3 years within Avanade and Accenture projects. My skills as Database Architect are strong with more than 15 years’ experience in T-SQL with different DB engine such as SQLServer (05-14), Oracle, MySQL, Teradata, Presto, Spark… I have an excellent knowledge in Microsoft BI and good understanding of the Data Warehouse cycle life following the Ralph Kimball methodology (Bus Architecture) and DataVault modelling by Dan Linstedt. I specialized on creating BI/ETL frameworks in order to accelerate and automate the gathering as much data as possible, creating history of raw data and apply latest Data Modelling techniques to unify all the data giving a semantic understanding and providing automation even when creating data marts.

I have relevant experience working with ORACLE, SalesForce, InformaticaCloud, PowerBI and SQL Azure among others.

As Data Scientist I have been working with Azure Machine Learning and other Data Mining tools (from Microsoft) but always willing to learn by myself exiting open source technologies and powerful tools such as R for statistical analysis.


Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: SQL Server 2012
70-461: Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012
70-462: Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases
70-463: Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: SQL Server 2012
70-461: Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012
70-462: Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases
70-463: Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012
microsoft technology specialist Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist:70-448 Microsoft SQL Server 2008,Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance (SCORE 921/1000)
microsoft certified it professional Microsoft Certified IT Professional: 70-452 Business Intelligence Developer 2008 (SCORE 938/1000)
  • Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) 2500 Introduction XML and platform Microsoft .NET
  • Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) 2373 Develop with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET
  • Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) 2415 Programmer with Microsoft .NET platform
  • Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) 2565 Application develop Microsoft .NET for Windows
  • Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) 2389 Programmer with Microsoft ADO .NET
  • Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) 2310 Application develop Web Microsoft ASP .NET Using Visual Studio .NET
  • Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) 2557 Create applications COM+ using Microsoft .NET Enterprise Services
  • Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) 2524 Developer Service Web XML Using Microsoft ASP .NET


2011 – 2012 Master in Business Intelligence (BI) University of Barcelona (Barcelona / Spain)

Ministry of Education and Science University of Barcelona / Catalonia Spain Government

1996 – 2001 High Level Technical Degree in Administrative Pedagogium Cos (Sant Boi del Llobregat / Spain)

Ministry of Education and Science. Spain Government

Diploma in Information Technology (Computer Science) Nuria Perpinyà (Barcelona / Spain)

Ministry of Education and Science. Spain Government


(July-2007) Avanade Spain“Alberto García has been working on the creation of a mobile application for managing the Point of Sale requirements of the beverage area of Mahou-San Miguel. The team worked diligently to ensure that the delivery dates were met. These dates were much compromised due to delays in the design phase, but the team was successful in achieving every milestone”.

Avanade Spain, Quarterly Delivery Excellence Award




(Tokyo, Japan) Database Architect in Big Data Department
Technical leader of a project (still growing) of 8+ senior engineers that will help the organization to automate the data ingestion and create a proper scalable Data Warehouse with Data Vault 2.0.Working as Database Architect in the Big Data Department. Using technologies such as Hive, Hadoop, MySQL, Teradata, Informatica PowerCenter, etc.Leading on the MDM implementation in order to have a highly governed Data Lake as well as ETL automation, EDW data modelling and providing vision for the future Rakuten Big Data as a Service Platform.Working as an architect we are aiming to create what we called “Rakuten Data as a Service Platform” which has capability to get hundreds of databases from various sources into Hadoop/Hive to later consumption with Hive. Moreover, I am also leading creating a unique Data Warehouse to unify with Data Vault 2.0 all the Rakuten’s ecosystem data (+800 businesses) so we can help or partially automate data mart creation (Star/Snowflake Schema).The project is ambitious, it did start with my vision and today’s budget and headcounts are increasing rapidly as the effectively (even in its beta phase) is notorious and famous in Rakuten internally.

As team leader I put in place an Agile Scrum methodology, doing sprints of 2 weeks and follow up through Jira tickets and a Kanban board the progress and blockers of every member of the team in the morning meetings.


(Sydney, Australia) Senior Business Intelligence Consultant / Project Manager
Designing Enterprise Data Warehouse with Data Vault, BIML and Data MiningWorking​ alone in the client side or managing my own team up to 3 senior engineers, I was implementing an Enterprise DW using Data vault. Creating our own framework in order to generate DTSX quickly with BIML and recreating the DW (dimensional model) based on the DV design automatically.Build test solution with SVN using a Stage server to deploy our releases and test.Complete DW system provides a SCD everywhere (including facts) and data snapshots capabilities to inquiry the data “As of”.Migration from a third party CRM (SQL Server) to Sales Force using InformaticaCloud. Currently working as Business Intelligence Architect, creating a whole new reporting solution merging all the data from different sources (including SF Cloud) into an EDW in order to work with Tabular Cubes.

Also working with Azure Machine Learning and SSAS Data Mining in order to get forecasts among other useful information for our client.

FUSEGROUP PTY. LTD. – AUSTRALIA (06/2012 TO 08/2012) – Freelance/Contractor

SSAS cube development and Reporting solution on a PHP Server using SSRS (SDK).

ANGRY KOALA PTY. LTD. (01/2012 TO 06/2012)

Microsoft Business Intelligence Consultant/Developer Working in clients and developing alone a whole solution using SSAS, SSIS 2012 and C#.Net with VS2010. Involved with Cloud servers (as Windows Azure) and participating actively in many conferences organized by AK.

DIGITAL WAVES LLC. (01/2011 TO 07/2011)

Chief Software Architect/ Business Intelligence Consultant From January 2011 I am working as team leader and manager in a reputed company in Qurum, Muscat (Sultanate of Oman). My duties were to develop a Business Plan for the company, web developer/consultant and create Business Intelligence demos for the e-Government of Oman.

AS FREELANCE (07/2010 TO current)

Freelance Business Intelligence Consultant in http://www.businessintelligence-solutions.com

  • Microsoft BI for a real Estate company in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) in United States of America.
  • MS BI consultant developer for an Australian company based in Sydney (12/2011 to 01/2012). Solving problems and upgrading their current BI Solution with SSAS and SSRS as well.

GULFAROMA TRADING (01/2010 to 06/2010)

Business Intelligence Consultant & Web Developer Being Project Manager in a Middle Eastern company, I started Business Intelligence projects for the Omani government as well as BI Demos for other relevant institutions and creating successful solutions of Microsoft BI.

AVANADE (09/2006 to 09/2009)

APPlus Project (01/2009 to 08/2009) ACCENTURE management Microsoft BI and Web Developer / Consultant. Transform a COGNOS Data warehouse to Microsoft Business Intelligence technology, develop ETL (Extract, Transform and Load data), create reports and create a cube with: SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services, SQL Server 2008 Integration Services and SQL Server 2008 Data Engine. Consultant skill, commutating with the customer, and creating a new project from zero. Some of my other duties were to create a mini-website to upload the content of excel files of every company of the group with ASP.Net 3.5 and JavaScript. Also, I was responsible to create functional and technical documentation. AIG Project (07/2007 to 12/2008) ACCENTURE management Microsoft Business Intelligence Developer. Project lead and technical lead. Expert in different technologies: SSAS, SSIS, SSRS (2005) and ASP.Net. I had a team under my management of 5 Junior programmers and 3 Analyst / Developers. My duties were to create a SingleSignOn (SSO) Application in a SAP portal, where I created a customized security algorithm from zero to communicate the current SAP portal of AIG. I had to deal with my colleagues of a team based in Paris in order to create this new secure channel with my own security algorithm. It was a successful project and a great achievement for the company and the team. MAHOU-SAN MIGUEL (11/2006 to 07/2007) Pocket PC developer with Microsoft Compact Framework 2.0. Using SQL Server replication via web-services.  SQL Server management. With this project I won the  “International Quarterly Delivery Excellence Award, July 2007” DEXEUS (09/2006 to 11/2006) ASP.net 2.0 Developer. Using Visual Studio 2005 and Microsoft Framework 2.0. WEBOMETRICS for hospital rankings, creating analysis and improving fields to climb on the rank (taking care about the size of the website, links, visibility and different types of files “Rich Files” and so on)

ORAMA SYSTEMS SA (03/2005 to 09/2006)

ASP.net Developer. Analyst developer functions. Lead a team of 15 persons. Work with Microsoft .NET Technologies: ASP.net, Compact Framework and SQL Server Data Engine. Documentation and Unit test. Using Crystal Report against ASP.net and Visual Studio for Smartphone and Pocket PC (CF).  The project consists in creating and developing an own CRM for the company.

EXPECTRA (01/2005 to 03/2005)

ENDESA Project Pocket PC Developer. Programmer in Compact Framework © Microsoft in Visual Studio 2003 and C#.net. Manage oracle database and using Web-Services. Analyst Developer and create documentation and Unit test.

SOLUZIONA (03/2004 to 01/2005) consulting, engineering and technology

AUNA Project (Telecommunication Company)Analyst / Programmer TRANSACT-SQL in AUNA (under Zemsania and Soluziona). Programmer with SQL, KSH (UNIX SOLARIS), C++ and Vantive and system test.

AD+ [WEB AGENCY] (03/2003 to 02/2004)

Web & Application DeveloperI was working in various clients like “Elite Group System”,”ELMA”,”Traycco”… Also I was managing the network of company. I was installing, administering and configuring all computers of users and developers (Windows and Linux SO). In my tasks I had to improve and stabilize the entire data processing infrastructure, as well as telephone support to users (customers).

AUSEBA & HALLEY-INFORMATICA S.A. (01/2001 to 03/2003)

Junior Developer/ Programmer

Catalana Occidente SA (2001-2002)   PREPER S.A. (2002) Junior Programmer Database Administration with SQL Server 2000. Catalana Occidente Insurance Company (2001) Junior programmer Using COBOL, systems CICS/DB2 and SQL.




  • What’s new in Integration Services and Data Quality Services in SQL2012 by Greg Low (Sydney)
  • What’s New in SQL Server 2012 by Greg Law (Sydney)
  • SQL Saturday Day 2012-2013-2014(Sydney)
  • Data Modelling Zone 2016 (Berlin, Europe)
  • EDW (Enterprise Data World) – (Atlanta, US)


Personal Interest

  • Traveler. I need to visit different countries, to know more about the different cultures and have better vision of the world.
  • Languages.
  • Computer & technologies. I have passion for technology.